Care of silk


If the care of dupion silk is not simple, then there are nevertheless some tips, which ease the care much. In principle we recommended to dry clean silk, as advised also by our caring lable on the products. Who rather wants to save the often costly dry cleaning service can fall back also on special silk cleaning agens. They do not contain, like many other cleaning agents, alkali, which can destroy silk. So please make sure, whenever you use any othe detergent, that alkali is not part of the ingredients. Dupion silk can be washed with a maximum of 30C, preferably by hand. In order to remain the colour fastnesss never wash dark coloured and light coloured silk materials together. The addition of a spoon of vinegar in the washing base might help to preserve the colour and even bring back shine into dull silk.


Dupion silk should not be wrung out. It can be pressed slightly unless no fibre is hurt nor any strong crinkles arise. For drying put the silk on an airy surface, which is protected against heat and sunlight. Silk can be wrapped at the beginning of the drying process into a towel for to get the majority of wetness out of the garment. We adwise not to hang up the silk as this might lead to warpage.


Ironing dupion silk is a challenge, but with a little practise you will get fast into routine. We advise not to flatten the material dircetly with the iron. Better put a fabric between the hot iron and the silk and iron on a very low heat level.

Light protection

Raw silk is photo-sensitive. Who exposes e.g. curtains from raw silk unprotected to direct sunlight, will hardly have more than 1-2 years joy in it. The UV rays decompose silk, so that they fade and become fragile. We recommend to protect silks against sunlight and to deposit and possibly feed curtains with cotton, so that the UV rays do not meet directly with the silk.


If the silk after some time do not shine as nicely as it did when purchased, maybe vinegar can help to bring back some shine to it. Just add a spoon of vinegar to the water in which you wash the silk. Or you can slightly wipe the dry silk with a cloth that you before imbued in vinegar and wrung out afterwards. Please make sure not to weten the silk during this process.

Legal note

We do not asssume any liability for the specifications and advises for he care of silk given on this page.The accountability for the care of silk lies fully on your side.

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